Anti-Virus and Online Backups



Having a good firewall and anti-virus program is important, but even the best security software isn't full proof and malware such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware & adware can still infect your computer.

Signs that you have been infected with malware can range from an increase in pop-ups to a severe corruption of Windows. We encounter these issues on a daily basis and have extensive experience in removing the malicious code and restoring your computer to how it was before it was infected.



Backing up your data is important, but can sometimes slip your mind.

Here at Doctor IT, we offer online backup services to safely secure all your important documents, family photos, music & videos automatically as you transfer them to your PC or Mac. You can even download an app to access your files on your tablet or smartphone!

For a low monthly cost, plus set up, you can back up all your computers at your home or office safely and securely to encrypted servers protecting you against any catastrophic hard disk drive failures, theft, water or fire damage.


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