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We deliver unparalleled computer repairs and IT services at a fraction of the standard price for residential clients across the greater Auckland area. We offer a wide range of professional IT services for residential customers and will be available to attend to your IT needs at the same time that you will be. That's right, after office hours and weekends! We have been in the IT and Customer Service industry for years and specialise in hardware/software engineering. Explore our website now to see what we can offer you as we cover a wide range of IT services at very reasonable prices.

Technology can be temperamental. It can slowly start to develop intermittent problems or can be working one day and dead the next. There’s no need to fret though, Doctor IT's qualified technicians are experts at narrowing down faults and resolving them FAST. We carry an extensive range of spare parts and specialised software to allow us to tackle a wide range of common (and not so common) issues on the spot.   Common issues handled everyday include; The computer not turning on. Data loss. Virus and spyware removal. Windows not loading. Issues with Email and Internet connections. Intermittent freezing, rebooting or blue screens.  Our technicians are experts in resolving hardware and software faults, it's what we do everyday. We provide straight to your door service and speedy solutions, so next time an issue arises, there’s no need for a heart attack - the Doctor’s here.


Computers can be temperamental. They can slowly start to develop intermittent problems (freezing, blue screens etc) or can be working perfectly one day and dead the next. Doctor IT's qualified technicians are experts at narrowing down faults and resolving them FAST.



Annoying pop ups? Computer freezing? Free your computer from viruses and spyware, and shield against future attacks with the right protective programs.


Can’t figure out the source of your computer’s problems? Don’t know why your printer won’t print? Or perhaps your emails are coming through? We will sort it out fast and hassle free.


Let us plan & install your home (or small office) network. For wireless (WiFi) and cabled systems, we can get all your computers and devices connected and supply all necessary cables and parts.


Is your computer running at snail speed? Are you running out of space but don't want to delete your files? No need to ditch your old computer and buy a new one. Let us upgrade your RAM or hard drive.


Need something done, but not sure how to go about it? Just ask us. We offer support across all issues. Let our team develop a solution you hadn’t even thought of!

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